Are you looking for a physical therapist? At Fysiotherapie De Eedenburgh we also speak English. When you want to make an appointment, please state when you speak English – then we can offer you the best care!


We are reachable by phone through: +31 35 625 61 61 and e-mail: fysio@eedenburgh.nl
All our physical therapist speak English and are happy to be of service.


We offer different types of specializations of the physical therapy field, like manual physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, physiotherapy for babies, kids and teens, physiotherapy for the elderly, physiotherapy focused on the hips and pelvis, psychosomatic and fascia therapy. We also offer therapy for people with Parkinson’s, COPD and claudication. Dry Needling and Medical Taping is also possible.


Fysiotherapie de Eedenburgh also provides special care for people affected with COVID-19. When you suffered from COVID-19 we can help you to get back on track, with a program matched with your capacities.


Outside of Corona-times there is also a gym available, where you can train under supervision of a physiotherapist.